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Bag of the Week – J.Crew Uptown

Bag of the Week
Bag of the Week by luv2shopmom featuring j crew tote

So back in April I started a “Bag of the Week” post but didn’t succeed in doing it on a weekly basis. Frankly, I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been changing my purse regularly but now that it’s summer, I think I’ll be back on my normal routine again. My Boo and Lulu just had such a busy schedule towards the end of the school year that had me running like crazy. Now I know I’m starting this post on a Wednesday so not off to a good start, am I? Anyway, on Monday I switched to this red J.Crew Uptown leather tote that I scored on eBay (read more about it here). Love this bag! The color is a deep true red with a purple blue interior…so fun! It’s light and easy to carry over the shoulder or on your arm. It’s quite roomy – you can see everything that I put in it in the image below. The only thing about it that I’m not too fond of is the lack of compartments. It has one inside zippered compartment…that’s it. I like bags with lots of compartments but I guess that’s what pouches or little make up bags are for.

As far as what’s in it from the pic below, I’m sure it seems like I carry around a lot of stuff but this is actually pared down from when my girls were younger. Truth be told, besides my iPhone, wallet, keys and prescription sunglasses, the items that I never leave home without are hand lotion, lip balm, Splenda and tissue. The rest I can do without. Also, usually by the end of the week, my bag is a jumbled mess of receipts, coins at the bottom, and other weird items that my kids drop in when I’m not looking. I once found chewed up gum wrapped in the paper that straws come in…thank goodness it didn’t get stuck in my purse. That’s it for now!

What's in the bag

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